Plant Genetic Resoruces Centre

Pant genetic resources center (PGRC) was established under the grant of Japan international cooperation (JICA) in 1988 at gannoruwa Agriculture complex. The PGRC has national responsibility for conservation of all the crop verities and their wild relatives in Sri Lanka. The main objective of PGRC is Exploration, Collecting, Evaluation, Multiplication, Conservation and promoting utilization of germplasm for the benefit of present and future generations.

Technical Unit of The Plant Genetic Resources Centre

Exploration Unit

Seed Conservation Unit(Gene Bank)

Evaluation Unit

Biotechnology Unit

Data Management Unit

Additional Director
Dr. W.L.G. Samarasinghe

Contact Information

Additional Director
Plant Genetic Resources Centre
P.O. Box 59
Sri Lanka

Tel : (94) 81-2388494
Fax :(94) 81-2388490


Achieving excellence in agriculture through conservation and sustainable utilization of Plant Genetic Resources



Promoting agriculture research and development through exploration , conservation, management and sustainable utilization of  Plant Genetic Resources to ensure food security and  increased agriculture production.



Exploration, collection, conservation and promoting sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources of food crops for the benefit of the present and future generations.







 Dr.W.L.G. Samarasinhe - Deputy Director of Agirculture (Research)        S.K. Wasala
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

S.P. Bandara - Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)


E.S.C. Edirisinghe - Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)


 Shelly Wanigadeva - Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)









P.H.H. Lakmal


Mr. L.M.N.GBandara
Programme Assistant


 Ms. N.M. Ubeysekera
Programme Assistant


T.M.T.G.U. Tennekoon - Agricuture Instructor

  H.M.G.D.B. Herath - Agriculture Instructor (Maintenance Officer)



K.M.G. Kulathunga - Research Assistant


M.G. Gunarathne - Agriculture Instructor (Farm Manager)








E.M.P.W.A.W.B. Nugapitiya - Research Assistant


E.L.D.A.N. Siriwardana - Research Assistant


A.S.J. Danwaththa - Development Officer


K.M.C.L. Kondasinghe Development Officer

   A.A. Amarasinghe - Technical Assistant


C.H. Denagamage - Technacal Assistant


 K.G.C.N. Jayarathne - Technical Assistant












The Plant Genetic Resources Center was awarded a special commendation in the inter departments at the National Productivity Awards 2015 on 14th December 2016.


Ouer Services

Conservation of diversity of plant Genetic Resources

Provide necessary germplasm and information to users.

Technical assistance to improve crop breeding programs.

Promoting the use of traditional cultivars among the farmers

Condcuing awareness on Plant Genetic Resources