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General Procedure for Export Plant and Plant Products

  1. Register at National Plant Quarantine Service as an exporter. (after this all the registration consignments exported via seaport PQS prior to shipping date)
  2. Request made by exporter to obtain Phytosanitary certificate

Registration of request

  • Investigating the request and inform the relevant officers (Entomology/Pathology/Treatment Technology/ Weed Science) for nursery or factory inspection.
  • Coordinating the nursery/factory inspection & sampling considering the additional declarations and the date of dispatch of the consignment.
  • Preparation of format for test report and distribute among the relevant laboratories.
  • Collection of test report prior to date of export and inform contaminants of to the exporter.
  • Preparation of final test report and send to exit point to issue phytosanitory certificate prior to date of dispatch.
  • International agreement is that only authorized officers of the official plant protection service shall issue the phytosanitary certificate for all plant commodities exported.
  • Phytosanitary certificates are prepared according to the model given by IPPC.
  • A PSC is issued in three copies in English only. The original and a copy are kept in office and a copy is given to the applicant.
  • Two different formats are available as Phytosanitary certificate and phytosanitary certificate for re export.
  • Fulfill the import conditions commodities (Lab testing, visual inspection etc.)
    • If you require special lab tests has to be done at central laboratories of NPQS (for this a separate request has to be made by the exporter)
    • Lab test report is communicated to relevant entry port PQS by NPQS
  • Bring entire consignment to Plant Quarantine station.

If Air Freight

  • Compliance inspection test to inform the identify of consignment.
  • All the boxes should be numbered; numbers are clearly mentioned in packing list.

If Sea Freight

  • For a consignment prior registered with PQS at seaport.
  • Either lab tests or not
    • If Lab tested test report has to be received by the PQS, Seaport
    • Consignment has to be transferred to port premises or shipping go down from factory.
  • Request for Sample testing by PQS samples submission for testing (Only to understand the compliance of commodity with document evidence)
  • Sample testing/inspection only if other requirements are fulfilled.
  • Exporter will receive a notice/ approval to load the consignment to ship (prior approval)
  • Exporter can submit consignment to vessel - obtain bill of lading.
  • Submit bill of lading and application to obtain a PSC to PQS, seaport.
  • PSC will be issued based on compliance inspection.
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