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Process of obtaining a phyto certificate

  1. Please make a request by using an application for phytosanitory certificate for exportaddressing to the Additional Director, National Plant Quarantine Service to fulfill export conditions
  2. The exporter has to set up a date for inspection of consignment with the agreement of the Plant Quarantine Operations Division.
  3. Inspection of production premises and sampling are done by the Plant Quarantine Officers
    1. This is done on the agreed date
    2. By the officers of relevant technical divisions
    3. The exporter has to facilitate the official visit and the expenses
    4. Sampling size is decided by the Plant Quarantine officers based on
      1. The risk associated with the commodity*
      2. Importing country requirements
      3. The type of tests to be performed
      4. Size of the consignment
  1. * Sometimes the sampling size may be different for the same commodity based on observable pest symptoms. If the symptoms are obvious, the standard sampling sizes may apply. However, if the symptoms are not obvious, additional sampling may be required to confirm the presence of pests.

e. Depending on the importing country requirements, specific tests may not be required for some commodities for some countries. Those consignments will be either

  1. Directly submitted to Plant Quarantine Stations at exit ports
  2. Consignments may associate with official confirmation letters issued by the Additional Director/ NPQS confirming that there is no requirement to perform any laboratory test (Eg: import requirement for freedom from red ring nematode, coconut lethal yellowing etc.).
  3. Relevant diagnostic tests are done by the technical laboratories of the NPQS. Time taken for the laboratory test may vary depending upon the test type performed.

f. Test reports are combined and a final report will be compiled and issued to OIC/ Plant Quarantine Stations, Airport/Sea port accordingly.

g. Fumigation of consignment if deemed to be necessary (procedure mentioned under the Treatment Technology Division)

h. In parallel, the exporter has to submit an application to the Deputy director, Plant Quarantine Station, (Seaport/ Airport) to obtain a phytosanitary certificate

i. Phytosanitary certificate will be issued to the exporter based on tests reports/ visual inspection done by the plant quarantine officers at the entry port.

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