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Specific Consideration (Re - Export Phytosanitory Certificate)

  • No required information or unable to fulfill requirements

- do not issue a Re - export PSC

  • If the country of re - export do not require a PSC but country of destination does

- exporting country may issue a PSC to support re - export PSC or not

- Re - exporting country may issue a PSC of export

* if the phytosanitary import requirements can be fulfilled by visual inspections or laboratory testing of samples

* Country of origin should be indicated in brackets in the place of origin section

  • Re - export PSC can be issued if :

- the consignment has been stored, split up, combined with other consignments or repackaged (When combined, all the relevant parts must meet requirements.)

- If a risk of contamination is identified, additional inspection should be carried out

- The Original PSC or its certified copy should accompany the PSC for re - export.

- If the consignment is split up

* PSC for re - export and

* Certified copies of the PSC from the country of export should accompany all such consignments.

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