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Specific Consideration (Export Phytosanitory Certificate)

  • Contain only the information related to phytosanitory matters

- No statement on animal or human health matters, pesticide residues, radioactivity, commercial information (e. g. letters of credit), or quality.

  • To facilitate cross - referencing other documents (e. g. letters of credit, bills of lading CITES certificates) may accompany phytosanitary certificate
  • All sections should be completed (None, Line blocked out or cut off)
  • should be issued before dispatch
  • May issue after dispatch of a consignment if:

- The phytosanitary security of the consignment has been assured, and

- NPPO of the exporting country has undertaken sampling inspection and treatments necessary to satisfy phytosanitary import requirements before dispatch of the consignment.

  • In the case, the inspection date should be indicated in the additional declaration section if required by the importing country.
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