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Phytosanitary certificate & re-export phyto

PSC for export

  • Issued by the NPPO of the country where products were grown or processed.
  • Issued by the NPPO of the country of origin
  • describes the consignment
  • declares the status of the consignment
  • certifying statement,
  • additional declarations and
  • treatment records,
  • May also be issued in certain re-export situations
  • If the phytosanitary status of the consignment can be determined by the country of re - export (e.g :- by Inspection)

 PSC for re-export

  • May be issued by the NPPO of the re - exporting country
  • When the commodity was not grown or processed to change its nature in that country and
  • Only where an original PSC for export or a certified copy is available.
  • link the PSC issued by the country of export
  • takes into account any changes in phytosanitary status that may have occurred in the re - export
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