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Testing intercepted material conditions for testing imported

  1. Sample submitted from entry ports to the Plant Quarantine Operations Division
  2. Registration of intercepted sample with following information.
    1. Date received
    2. Name and address of the importer
    3. Name of the importing country
    4. Permit number and date
    5. PSC number and date
    6. Material and quantity
  3. Based on the reason for interception, samples of the material are distributed to relevant technical laboratories for further testing.
  4. Printing and distribution of report format to relevant technical laboratories (entomology/pathology/weed science/treatment technology) to submit the test results.
  5. Compiling final test reports and final decision to the release of consignment is taking by the Additional Director, National Plant Quarantine Service, Katunayake.

Apart from that questionable material carried by the air travelers are detained at the port of entries and send to Additional Director/ NPQS for destruction.

All items prohibited to import to Sri Lanka are liable to confiscation and destruction.  These consignments are destroyed in a manner that is technically justified to be eliminating the associated pest risk under the supervision of the officers of the plant quarantine operation division. The details of the consignments which are subject to destruction are recorded in a separate register.

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