Farm Mechanization Training Centre

Farm Mechanization and Training Centre (FMTC) is the sole national level training institute for farm machinery in Sri Lanka. The institute was established in 1971 in collaboration with West German Federal Government and the Sri Lankan Government. The institute is situated in Puliyankulama, Anuradhapura. Total extent of lands belonging to the institute is about seventeen (17) hectares which covers with paddy, coconut, fruits, vegetables, driving track, training field and other utility buildings. FMTC can provide food and lodging facilities for about 50 trainees.

Vision of the institute is “To become the centre of excellence in training on farm mechanization in Sri Lanka”

Mission of the institute is “Creating skillful farming community with appropriate mechanization for sustainable development in agriculture”.

Training mandate of the FMTC is mainly focused on towards following disciplines,
Operation And Maintenance Course
  • Vocational training on operation and maintenance of four wheel tractors- 10 days
  • Operation and maintenance of four wheel tractors- 5 days
  • Operation and maintenance of two wheel tractors- 5 days
  • Operation and maintenance of water pumps-3 days
  • Operation and maintenance of sprayers-2 days
  • Operation and maintenance of harvesting , threshing machine and combine harvesters -2 days
  • Operation and maintenance of Power Trans Planter -3 days
Repair Course
  • Repair of two wheel tractor (K75) engine and transmission system -10 days
  • Repair of water pumps-5 days
  • Repair of sprayers-5 days
Micro Irrigation Course
  • Introductory course in micro irrigation - 3days
  • Application and designing of micro irrigation for commercial agriculture - 5 days
Other Courses
  • Agricultural hand tools
  • Home gardening


Target groups:-

  • Officers from the Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Departments of Agriculture.
  • Officers from the other institutes
  • Farmers
  • Students from schools/ universities/ Agriculture Schools/ Technical Colleges