National Groundnuts Production Programme

Groundnuts , the popular oil crop among the peoples of Sri Lanka is scientifically known as Arachis hypogoea and the belongs to the family of legumenacea. Grounnuts is one of the foremost 15 food crops cultivated worldwide and the crop enriched with high nutrition is available in international market. Kernel of groundnuts contains 48% and 20% fat and protein respectively.

The crop can be cultivated as an erosion preventing crop. Groundnuts is cultivated in highlands in Dry and Intermediate zones in Sri Lanka in Maha Season under the rainfed farming and in irrigation enable lpaddy fields in Yala season. Grounnuts is mainly cultivated in the districts such as Moneragala, Mulathive, Kurunegala,Ampara,Vavunia, Putlam and other districts in Dry Zones.

Sandy Loam soil having proper percolation is most appropriate for groundnuts cultivation and the pH value of the soil should be within the range of 6.5 – 78.00.

  • National requirement - 27481 MT ( Average in 2011- 2015)
  • National production - 24039 MT (Average in 2011- 2015)
  • Expected production - 34390 MT ( 2017)
  • Imported Amount - 2439 MT ( 2011- 2015)
  • Average Yield - 1.61 MT/ Hectare (2015)

Varieties cultivated

  • Tissa
  • Walawe
  • Indi
  • Tikiri
  • ANK G1
  • Redish Panish

Normally, average farm gate price of one kg of groundnuts is within the range of Rs. 190.00 -210.00