Farm Women Extension Unit


Women’s Agriculture Extension (WAE)program whichserves solely the women in the food crop sectorwas initiated in 1970s as a special program named ‘Farm Women Extension Service’ by World Food and Agriculture Organization under Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1976, after the termination of the project of Food and Agriculture Organization, Farm Women Extension Unit was affiliated toExtension and Training Centre of the Department of Agriculture. Later the unit was renamedas ‘Women’s Agriculture Extension Unit’ which was expected to extend its services for women who engaged in any type of Agricultural activities.

At present the Women’s Agriculture Extension Unit functions under theExtension and Training Centre of the Department of Agriculture.

The main responsibility of the unit is to plan the National level Women’s Agriculture Extension Program and coordinate the program in Districts. The program activities are in a way to be congruent with the timely national needs and needs of people.

- Increase women’s contribution for Agriculture development of the country in Agricultural production as well as service sectors while improving Economic status, social status and nutritional security of families. -

1970s - Farm Women Movement

1980s - Farm women Extension

2000 - Women’s Agriculture extension

Objectives/Role of WAE Program

Women entrepreneurship development
  • HelaBojun Sales centres
  • Awareness programs
  • Introduce entrepreneurship promotion programs for women
  • Introduce agro-based employment opportunities for women
  • skill development programs

Promote better home environments
  • Home garden programs
  • Nutrition awareness programs to secure the nutritional status of the family
  • Promotion of the Kitchen environment

Establish and strengthen women’s organizations
  • Establish new women’s organizations and strengthen existing organizations
  • Operate different projects via women’s organizations and introduce micro credit and revolving fund schemes

Improve women’s skills on resource management
  • Improve competencies on time management, financial management, labor management and efficient of use of energy at home and farm.

Conduct mass awareness programs through different media
  • Television, radio programs
  • Publish Posters, Leaflets, Booklets, etc.
  • Organize seminars, meetings, workshops
  • Organize Campaigns, Rallys,etc.