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Registered Fruit Plant Nersery Directory for 2015

Seed Certification Service Launches Registered Fruit plant Nursery Directory for 2015


ග්ලයිපොසෙට් තහනම්
ග්ලයිපොසෙට් පලිබෝධනාශකය වැවිලි බෝග ස‍ඳහා හැරෙන්නට ....
Weather update – South West Monsoon Rains – 2015 Yala season
ලියන ලද්දේ krishan_new   
2015 ජූලි 07 වෙනි අඟහරුවාදා, 04:07

After having a late onset of the season by about almost two weeks, the south west monsoon has been failed to blow over the island with its usual strength resulting below average rainfall in most parts of the Wet zone where the south west monsoon usually brings heavy rains.

It is highly likely that rest of the south west monsoon rainy season up to September is also going be in the Below Normal category according to the latest long-range weather forecasts issued by the Meteorological agencies. Thus, all districts in the island may experience below average rainfall in coming months of the current Yala season. However, Dry zone districts may continue to experience occasional late afternoon short-duration showers or thunder showers.

Meanwhile, almost all irrigation tanks in the country have a fairly good storage to continue the rest of the season in irrigated agriculture. But, both Dry and Intermediate zones where these tanks are concentrated do not usually receive substantial rains during rest of the season until mid September. Thus, it is necessary to use available storage in these tanks sparingly to minimize the risk of a water shortage situation at the tail end of the season.

Please note that this weather communiqué will be updated regularly during the rest of the season in consultation with the Colombo Met office and accessing other international Met agencies.


Seed suppliers directory of Paddy,Vegitables and other field crops for 2015 yala season

Seed Certification Service Launches Seed Suppliers Directory of Paddy, Vegetables and Other Field Crops for 2015 Yala Season.

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3


Weather update –south west monsoon rains-2015 yala season (Late may to early august)


The current intermittent rainy weather of evening thundershowers may likely to dissipate ......



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