Implementation of the Official Languages Policy -Public Administration Circular Letter: 06/2017 Entrusting of Official Responsibilities and Handing Over of Documents in Proper Manner-Public Administration Circular Letter: 07/2017 Revision of the Section 4, Chapter XIV of the Establishments Code Combined Allowance-Public Administration Circular: 20/2018 Revision of the Letter of Appointment in relation to the Introduction of New Pension Scheme for Public Officers-Public Administration Circular No: 21/2017 Compensation for Public Officers who suffer injury whilst on duty-Public Administration Circular: 22/93 (VI) Official Transport Facilities for Public Officers/ Provincial Public Officers/ Judicial Officers-Public Administration Circular: 22/99(XXXVIII) Payment of compensation for Public Officers who suffer injuries whilst on duty-Public Administration Circular 22/93 (V) A Pensioner’s Entitlement to Railway Warrants as per Section 1, Chapter XVI of the Establishments Code-Public Administration Circular: 25/2017 Duty Hours of Watchers-Public Administration Circular: 29/2017 Payments made for serving as Members of Interview Boards and for Assisting Staff-Public Administration Circular: 30/2017 Classification of Staff Grade Officers and Non-Staff Grade Officers in the Public Service and the Provincial Public Service-Public Administration Circular: 32/2017 Posts in Public Service and Provincial Public Service, which belong to the Category of Field Officer- Public Administration Circular: 33/2017 Further Circulars